Meet Lorna Woods

Born and raised on the beautiful Bulacan Island in the Philippines, Lorna grew up the middle child in a large industrious family with 4 sisters and 2 brothers.  Lorna has been in the wedding planning business for nearly a decade, working in her family business in San Diego before striking out with her own Wedding Coordinator company, and by definition of experience, a fine master of the art.

Lorna is a true Entrepreneur, adding her personal touch to everything she does. As a Top Professional Model, Lorna has appeared on the cover of several major magazines and in ads for health care products.  Lorna’s other credits include Custom Jewelry Designer, Professional Makeup Artist and experienced Interior Designer. All of these talents & strengths give Lorna an added insight, style and attention to detail that is unmatched anywhere else in the industry.

Lorna’s ultimate goal is to provide each client with the most exciting, heart warming, memorable experience possible, one that you’ll remember with a smile, for years and years to come.